sensitve issues

whats on my mind is medical issues
as living in Pagadian city
I am woried what will happen god fobid i need hospital treatment
wherf can i go and get this
and whatg type of Health insurance i must have: to keep me healthy for eternal health :living in Pagadian city - thats what is worrying me the most....

respect Zyrena 
registration will not let me use no other name

Philhealth is common... You can check with other insurance companies as well... I am not so sure about pagadian... CDO or zamboanga are the places to check for details.. I hope it is helpful for you

respect thank you for contacting me

please is philhealth any good at helping people that do need hospital treatment
if so Hoe do i get registered to philhealth
respect thank you


Well... It helps u but it won't help you for whole amount u spent during hospitalization... There are packages under that u get refunds...
Go to any philhealth and ask for registration... 300 per month...
There is new revelation that philhealth will be converted to universal health... Not yet implemented... If you need more specific info just on me and I will consult a philhealth employee for details...

Google search philhealth local office and locate local one where u can go... Ask them for registration

Philhealth which is public insurance will take charge of 20 to 30% of hospital bills. So you need also a private insurance for the other part of the bill

Kinda agree u... But that percentage has been changed to pàcakages depending on the desease...
You are right in suggesting any private insurance is good to fully shoulder expenses...

Bottom line is philhealth don't pay 100%

I wouldn’t be in a country that required a large amount of cash up front to even treat you in the event of an emergency unless I was able to keep a large amount of cash on hand for such emergencies. Only you can answer that one. Philhealth I believe is limited to public hospitals. I could be wrong on that but...
Philhealth also will not cover transplants for foreigners.
I have Global coverage that will cover me anywhere outside of the US. It’s not really cheap, $235.00 but, It’s cheaper then coverage in the US.  I also don’t have to worry about using public hospitals as my plan covers major top notch private hospitals all over the world. I feel a bit safer having that type of coverage.

Philhealth also for private hospital

Oh, okay French. Thank you for the clarification. I thought it was limited to public.
So people with little means, can clog up private hospitals and the private hospitals would be cool with getting 20-30% of the payment. Interesting. Hahaha

Up to now poor people cant afford Philhealth. Maybe with the universal but private hospitals are against the universal health insurance...

Thank you geolefrench ..
I do need 100% input on thbis phiolippines medical help
I have heard the Philippine only pays a fraction of the total hospital Bills can any body bring thid up todate pease

as this is worrying me


Infact the purpose of philHealth was for poor people... If you can remember it emerged from sss. Unfortunately there is lot of corruption in this department. Still there are free memberships for indigent members. Same with universal, it has been purposed to convert philhealth to suggests and motive too that it should cover every Filipino... perhaps Still early to say anything about universal...

The government owned philhealth pay fraction of actual bill...for's better to look private insurance companies...

Philhealth and SSS are 2 different things. During the time of president Gloria Arroyo, she started a universal health care from Philhealth but it was during the time of elections... after the elections it was forgotten ... the successors were talking about it but... it is too expensive. Most Filipinos do not have Philhealth as it is not for poor people but for employees and employers and self employed who can pay the monthly due.

thsnk you on the dsme dubjrct sd philhealth ehrn we vidited the philiheaslth offices in pagadian city as farte as I do know
philhealth told to me that I must pay at least Php 15000every 12 months for my medical even if i do not use this facilitgy
they was not that friendly ..
the dole purpose was tofor me to get the philihealth insurance
that did not happen..
I did nopt deal with this my wife paertner as she speaks the language dealt with this ..
respect to every person supporting me - I still like strong information what insurance i can use ..
on the subject insurance llast year i get on line the over 50 insurance so named '' Saga Travel insurance as already mentioned elsewhere i had to pay the first £70 of any medical claim i got the Php 15000 returned back to me for my hospital treatment in Pagadian city less that £70
that was better than nothing ....
thank you fpr all who has taken the time to support me respectfully


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