Appointment as Assistant Professor at King Khalid University

It's been almost two months I have signed the Initial offer of Assistant Prof from King Khalid University. Recently I emailed them to inquire the status of my application which they said, "is in process". I want to ask:
1. What does " Your application is in process" mean?
2. Approx how much time does it take to get the Final Offer after the acceptance of Initial Offer?

Shall be grateful if someone can please help answer these questions.

Hi there. You actually don't have any prescribed time frame. You just have to sit back, relax and wait for them to contact you. It could be anytime, any moment. You may wish to contact any person that u know there anyway. Good luck

Thank you for your response. Appreciate if you could elaborate what exactly "your application is in process"  means?
1. Does it mean that they are hiring me?
2. Currently, are they waiting for approval of my Visa from Ministry of Education?

Thank you again.

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