my husband entry was denied

hi, I am a pr holder living in Singapore for 12 years with my family. i studied her from p3 to o level in Singapore . i married in 2017 Nov. my husband is an Indian . after marriage I bring him with me to Singapore on the Jan 2018 and I joined new work on the Feb 2018 and applied ltvp for my husband on the march 2018 , after waiting for one month it was rejeacted  he went back to india on the april 2018 and he came back on the june and again we applied and it was also rejected and we appealed and also rejected . and then he went back to india again on the oct 2018 and came back on the dec 2018 and again we applied on the dec and it was also rejected and i decided to find a better job in the march with better salary above 2500$ , on march 2019 i applied visa for him and it was apporved . he came to singapore on the 28 march 2019. after 33 days . that was when he was not allowed to enter into singapore . he was asked why he stay in sinapore for many days and he tried to tell the officer that he waited for the ltvp result but the officer assumed that he is working and the officer denied his entry and he was sent back on the 30 march 2019 to india . i went to ica for asking the reason for his denied entry but they did not tell me anything and they were ask me to appeal. i have appealed on the 29 march 2019 and still waiting for the result . now my question is how long it will take to know the appeal result? and his visa going to expire on the 25 may . and can he still enter with the same visa ?. and what should i do to make him to enter singapore . please advise me as we want to celebrate our hari raya together here next month .

Allow me answer your questions.

To get LTVP approval there was a pre-marriage assessment level which i believe you never took in consideration and skipped,  pre-marriage assessment give you better idea about future of your spouse in Singapore, now you are facing consequences for not taking it in your consideration.

For LTVP approval, following are key factors (Not all) which ICA takes in for approval or refusal of LTVP application.

1.  Sponsor's (you) salary / income which must meet the requirements which are
     monthly withdrawn salary SGD5500/=, which is an clear sign that you can
     support your husband until he find Job in Singapore or Start his business
     whichever the case may be. 

2. Education of Sponsor and Spouse, which directly reflect that how long stated
    couple will last in marriage, as social status and educational background play a
    essential part in any relationship.

3.  Age differences.
4. Total period of time of relationship prior to marriage.
5.  Having child out of this marriage. (Since 2017) or at least tried for baby.

For Visa:  if it is Multiple entry Visa than he may use it again, if it was single journey Visa than he must obtain again.

AND, since you mentioned that you having PR status in Singapore, ICA MUST look in the background of stated PR Status of yours, whether it came from previous marriage or professionally or by investing in Singapore. "If it come through earliest one than things are more and more complicated.

I hope you already have your answer, how to fix it and where to start to resolve your problem.

In my opinion, no matter how many times you apply for your husband LTVP, ICA will refuse it, unless you fix the problem on your own and apply with proper, required conditions.

Thank you

Ertiza Abbas

hi sir
thanks for ur reply .
i get my pr by my dad in 2008 and i started studying here from p3 . i am 22 this year march . i just finished my o levels in 2016 and 2017 i married and 2018 i started work but my salary was too low and i quit and started another job in march 2019 with salary of $3000. my husband entry was refused on the 28 of March 2019 and i have appealed and still waiting .do u have any idea how long it will take to know the results. what happens if he still come to Singapore with same visa next month? will he still be denied by the officer ? please advise me as we want to celebrate our raya together next month .

Your husband can come on tourist visa for few times before his visa may get denied. This happened exactly here.

You even can’t appl LTVP for him as your salary is way below to get eligibility bringing your spouse to Singapore.

Only way he can get into Singapore is that he has to get a job and employer sponsors him. Good luck

thanks for ur reply sir
so chances are very low to enter  if he comes again with same visa next month am i right sir ?
so wat can i do to bring him here again with my sponsor ? currently i am earning 3k and i have own 4room hdb . so please advise me sir .

I have responded to your PM, that seek response from ICA via email and if ICA says yes (bring that email copy), then he should try to visit or else avoid.

If second time he gets denied then it may hamper to his work visa approval in future and entry ban period would be longer. So, better take precautions. Good luck

Thanks for reply sir

The minimum salary threshold to bring a spouse on DP is S$6000/month. For LTVP things are slightly more flexible, but not that much. That means with just S$3000/month you have no chance!
It is now obvious to the authorities that your husband does not want to visit, but is trying to live here on an SVP, a visa that is not meant for residence. He should NOT try to come again, unless he gets written clearance from ICA that he can, or unless he has another visa type (e.g. LTVP or work pass).

thank u for u response  beppi .
what heppen if i go india and bring my husband back with me would that be possible way  for him to enter agian? will the ica officer allow him with me ?

Well, that would make it even more obvious that he wants to live in Singapore, not just visit, and is trying to (ab-) use an SVP for that.

hi ! i just have few questions and some advice for that .
if my husband able to find  job in Singapore and he came to Singapore with spass r epass will he  able to enter Singapore with tat?
and in future will it be difficult to get ltvp if he worked in Singapore with spass or epass ?and will it be easier to convert from spass or epass to ltvp if our application is successful ? moreover, which one  is better for him to stay and work in sg to get pr ltvp or spass or epass ?
plz advise me !! 😣

If your husband gets a work pass, he can enter with that, since any immigration violation was already considered during the application process.
A work pass cannot be converted to LTVP. These are separate types of visa.
He cannot work on LTVP, and cannot become PR right now. So a work pass is his best option.

thanks for ur prompt reply  beppi
what i mean is when he work in sg with work visa meanwhile i apply ltvp for him under my sponsorship in future will there be any issue for him to get ltvp ? and i heard tat with ltvp he can work with loc  ...
and lastly which visa is better for him to get pr faster ?
please advise
thanks in advance !!!

He (or you) can apply for an LTVP when his work pass expires or is cancelled, but this is separate from any work pass. He will getb it if he fulfills the LTVP criteria.
An LoC that allows work on LTVP can be applied for, but there is no guarantee that he can get it. The criteria are unpublished, constantly changing and curren tly tightening.
PR criteria are also changing and currently tioghtening. He needs to live in Singapore for at least 3 years, so think of that later on!

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