Document Attestation Question

Hello guys!

Its been a hard days that Ive been processing my own documents due to the fact that my employer doesnt have any HR. So I stand as and Overall worker.

I wanna ask if you have some thoughts.
My work visa to saudi arabia has been rejected.
The cause of it is attestation of my educational certificate.

My certificate was already been attested in my home country and the Philippine embassy in bahrain and also MoFa Bahrain. However it was not attestated for KSA. So it got rejected. They need to get attestation from KSA in my home country. And i cant find any agency to process this one for me
I have read an article here that there is apostle sort of, that waive once you have this its ok to those countries accredited by it.
It cost 20 BD in MoFa Bahrain. However Im not sure if this will help in my KSA attestation.
Do you have any ideas? Or do i need to visit saudi embassy here for further advice?


Attestation in this case means that it MUST be stamped by the Saudi Embassy in home country or the Saudi Embassy here at the very least (they usually don't entertain it here for cases like yours).   Apostille is something else and what you need is something completely different.

Thanks Xtang.. I have tried Saudi Embassy here in bahrain. They can able to attest the document but they need that the certificate should be attested in the country embassy, and MoFa bahrain and they can able to attest it here..

And yes the apostille certificate. Isnt necessary because KSA was not part of the list..

But im still trying to get the attestation hoping the end month.


Good luck.

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