Opening a hostel in the DR

Hello.  I am thinking of moving to Punta Cana in September and opening up a backpacker’s hostel.  It will have probably 3 rooms with 6 bunk beds each, one private room to rent, and a room for me.  Do I need resedencia or a cedula to do this? 

I am thinking the process would involve finding a real estate broker to show me houses, and then finding a lawyer to make sure I can convert the house into a business. 

Does anyone know if Ikea will deliver all the way to Punta Cana?  I'll need to get those bunk beds one way or another.  Will it be easy to find someone to assemble them?  Sadly I'm not very handy.

Is it a pain to get a driver's license? 

Does anyone have advice?

Thank you!!

Welcome to the forums.  Technically you can own a business without residency but you can't work in it! 

You will need the  Corporation first,  then research what areas this will be allowed in!  Not sure how a hostel is classified.

Yes Ikea will deliver but you may want to consider having them built for you!  You can have your own design and it will likely be less costly and better quality.

You need residencia honey to get a driver's license.

Thank you Planner!!

What do you mean I need the corporation first?

And with Ikea, I can find a design online from another source and they'll build them for me?


If you want to run a business and do it properly you get a corp.  That is the process. You can't just walk in here and open a hostel!  Dude that isn't going to fly.

I guess I don't know as much as I thought I did.  How do I go about doing that?  Do I get a lawyer first?  Thank you.

Ed, you picked a great place to ask your questions.  There are a lot of knowledgeable people like Planner here that can help.
Take your time and research a lot. Every time I visit the DR I’m amazed at the number of Failed Dominican Dreams” rotting roadside throughout the country.  Most presumably started by people who didn’t research enough.
I’d recommend visiting for a month or two and  staying in working hostels. One I can suggest is Dan and Mantys Guest House in Las Terrenas.  Both are wonderful people and run a great place.

Good luck!

Thank you Tripp!

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