freelancing in Egypt..

being a freelancer out of Egypt by working on such sites like Fiverr, Upwork and guru and so on.
maybe will nor be so much worthy.. but i can assure you it will be so much worthy maybe than you expect in Egypt.
i am working as a freelancer, creative writer and translator since 2014.
so i will share my experiences briefly for sure.
being get paid in USD its an advantage while you are living here in Egypt since that 1 USD equals approx 17 EGP , and the smallest gi on FIverr for example for 5 USD so you can get about 100EGP in less than hour!
and there are so many expensive gigs that you can offer as a graphic designer or a writer or even better if you worked as a translator since you know more than your mother tongue.
aha i forgot working on FIverr is for short term projects that maybe takes hours or days, but Upwork is made for long term projects that maybe takes months.
and finally, i am here for any questions.

Thanks for the help. I tried upwork and it was awesome. Highly recommended.

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