Looking for a job in bahrain

Can l still come back to Bahrain if my Visa is not cancelled and will l be able to look for other job

Come back - Yes
Look - Yes
Work - Not until you transfer visa

So if the visa is cancelled can I be able to work and how long does it take for them to cancel my visa when am outside Bahrain

You can only work for an employer that sponsors your visa.

If your visa is cancelled then you won't be able to come back to Bahrain until a new employer issues you with another visa.

It doesn't take long to cancel a visa - I have seen it happen in 5 minutes through the EMS system.

What if I want to come back after 6 months and they haven't cancelled my visa what must I do

You better  check first your visa validity as what xtang said it can happen in 5 minutes via EMS ive done that canceling  visa of my co worker. Its very quick. So the risk will be up to you..

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