I need a contact email address

Hi everyone
My wife and I are returning to Kuching in July, prior to moving there permanently in February next year.
I need an email contact for the following Co-Operative:

Kuching Heng Hua Co-Operative Better-Living & Village Soc
No. 9455, Jalan Sungai Apong Baru,
Post Code: 93450
Tel: 082-335291

I have rung the number with no success.
I have sent registered mail, but it was returned, and
Sent requests to others who I thought may have been able to assist, but also without success.

Any help would be really appreciated

Thank you - Les

Sometimes it isn't what information is on the internet, more what isn't on the internet.
The number shows up as the people you mentioned, and a fishing village project.
The place isn't listed on Google maps, and there are no mentions of the place on the internet nor do they have a website.

Facebook has in someway overtaken the web for information and connectivity, at least in Malaysia. So if you search there you may find at least some contacts who could lead you to the Cooperative. By leaving comments on like-named groups, businesses, etc., you may receive the information you seek. Happy hunting!!

Hey thanks
It is a Co-Operative set up by my father-in-law following WW2.  Was going strong back in 2011 when we last visited, but that is a long time ago.  May have to do some leg work when we are there in July.  Nothing found on Face Book either.  Worth the try though.  Still has the road named after him Jalan Noakes.

Often formal email domains are not set up here in Malaysia and people just create ones on gmail and the formulation of the address can be absolutely anything.

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