MOE teaching position contracts August 2019

If you are still waiting on contracts this may be the reason why:

The UAE Ministry of Education has recently updated the documents process, and if you are receiving this email it means that your application may be affected. Please take the time now to read the updated "MOE - Checklist" and "MOE - Authentication Guide"

What is the main change?

The main change is the timing of some of your document submissions. A few documents are now required earlier in the process, including your birth certificate and your authenticated/attested highest degree. UAE MOE will no longer issue a contract until both of these documents are received. Please read the complete details in the attached "MOE - Checklist" and "MOE - Authentication Guide".

If you have already received your contract, these documents must now be submitted as soon as possible.

From where we can read this MOE - Checklist" and "MOE - Authentication Guide" ?

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