Regarding the job offer

My husband has got offer in Bahrain ministry.... A team of 3 people had come from bahrain to India to interview and they recruited 4 people from Bangalore.

After the interview he was released an INITIAL OFFER LETTER in mail from an agency called Meridian placements pvt Ltd based in Mumbai which is just a page and contains info like his salary is so and so and joining date.

When asked for the complete info on the offer they said they will release a contract letter after reaching Bahrain which includes family Visa one month extra pay etc  which was promised during the interview.

After which they sent an email from agency asking for education documents ,passport original copy etc to apply for visa. Upon sending that they took 15 days and sent a mail of Visa copy. Few days after that the hr who was in communication called and asked to make a payment for 30k which he said it's their charge for providing service.

The entire process took 2 long months.

Here are my question:

1. Till date my husband hasn't got any mail from the official email I'd I.e BAHRAIN MINISTRY where he is offered a job .It's all he is getting mails is from agency.

Can we believe in this offer???

2. His complete contract letter not released and they r telling it will be given after reaching there?

Is this how it works ? Do we really get that letter after reaching der or is it some sort of a scam?

3. My husband was in contact with the person who interviewed him. When he asked him about sending an email regarding the contract letter from the official mail I'd, he said please contact the agency

Can we believe this?

4. Now they have sent a gulf air airticket in mailcopy, still not received hardcopy of original passport .

How to check if ticket is true or fake?
How to check if this agency is fake?
How to check if this offer is fake?

After all my husband has not resigned in his previous organization thinking this might be fake.

Please help us take a decision on this.

asked to make a payment for 30k which he said it's their charge for providing service.

That makes this sound a lot like a scam
Your cash is in their bank, and your passport is likely being sold on to a terrorist or criminal of some other sort.

Post the offer letter here so we can check it out or, if you don't want to, PM it to me and I'll do it for you.

Not looking good. The site was registered with a number known to be used on scam sites.

I await the information I requested so I can confirm.

1) I dont think any agency handles "ministry" recruitment. Unless there is a third party company under sub contract with the ministry.

2) Please check the air ticket for booking reference number and run that against the gulf air my bookings database (you can do so in the below link) … ?locale=en

As per my knowledge, no agency's charge/ask for money until the first month of job placement. This sure sounds like a scam.

Looks very shady, as Veeraj,john mentioned please check the details and good that he has not resigned from his job yet, also job safety in ministries is not guaranteed these days, you may be asked to leave at any time, so decide wisely.

@logical indian: true that! They are sacking most of the expats working in public services. As a part of bahrainization (not sure of the spelling). According to some articles I read somewhere, public services will be limited only to bahraini's within the next two years. Though that's not official news.
But It's very unlikely they recruit expats again.

I think everyone else has covered all your points so i will just simply say it, so you get it.  it is a scam - walk away and don't pay anything.

You can also cross check the validity of the recruiting agency at MEA website.

Also found this on MEA website

Q: The Recruiting Agent is charging a very high fee for providing services. How do I find out if the rates are reasonable? Are there any prescribed rates?
These details can be obtained by emailing the Protector General of Emigrants at pge[at] You can also call the Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) or approach one of our Migrant Resource Centres for assistance. As per current guidelines issued by the Protector General of Emigrants (PGE), service charges of Recruiting Agents cannot be more than Rs. 20,000 per emigrant. Do not deal with unregistered recruiting agents. This can be verified by asking for the License Number of the agent and noting it down for verification.

Please use the link

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