2 times ep approval was faster but taking more time this year

Hi all , I have worked in Singapore 2 times previously and moved back to my country after project completion/ personal reasons,  now I got new offer to work back again in Singapore.

My ep application has been submitted last week but it is still on pending status.

Last 2 times my ep has been approved quite fast that is with in a week, but not sure why it is taking time for this time so I m bit worried,  anybody having the same case as mine ?

appreciate ur answers

Did you read our existing threads? Start spending time to read open threads, this was discussed in detail. Good luck

Thanks Surya for your time and answer, yes i already read some of the related threads.

Just to check with you-
As i already have an existing FIN and have only 1 year break from Singapore still it will take more time?
I already have other offer and i can wait for one more week only for my EP thats why i am worried.

Still my ep is in pending status from the date of application:(

You can ask your employer to check with MoM about the current status or enquiry on anything pending from their end. Then request to update the status.

If you can’t wait further then ask the employer to withdraw the application. MoM takes its own time, whether we like or not. Good luck

Thanks Surya! My ep got approved!!

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