surfboard/ paddle board

I am looking to purchase either a Malibu surfboard or paddle board.

The Beach Club couldn't help you?
They rent, don't know if they sell.

There isn't any in VT.  We searched and searched, and ended up ordering my husband's board online.


Thanks for the advice but I rented a malibu from the beach club quite often over winter [ quite a few days of small fun waves] and they didn't have any boards for sale . Recently I had my short surfboards sent over from Australia but  I am looking for something larger [ 8 or 9 foot] for long distance paddling to try and keep a bit of "surf fitness".........I'm pretty sure something will turn up sooner or later...

Thanks again....

Mike Barrett :

quite a few days of small fun waves

Jealous. Trapped in Big City.  :(

There is some basic surfboards in Decathlon.

But that shop is not in VT

Thanks Wald0

Found myself an old water soaked board that will do the job until something better comes along....
2 mile paddle today and yesterday......shoulders are numb  :o  :lol:

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