Professional card and Spouse visa

I have an Approval for professional card. Can I apply with my husband for visa now? or is it different from holding a work permit?

1st question : Yes

2nd question : No

Hi! So you mean I can apply for my visa alongwith my husband's dependant visa?

Yes, of course. Since you have received the professional card, this means that the Belgian state allows you to work and reside in Belgium. So you have the right to have your family with you.

Indeed, the procedure is very same to applying with a WP.

It appears i have to pay 350eur contribution + my husband 200eur
and then the visa application fees of approx Rs18,000 each. Am I right?

Secondly, could i show a week long airbnb booking at this stage and then fix a house once there? Is there a minimum period of housing contract that i will need to show?

Since i will work on a freelance contract, I will have to figure everything out myself.

there is no minimum period of housing, but be reasonable. 1 week is too short to find an accomodation. Go for at least two weeks and mention in the cover letter that your current accomodation is for initial period and you will be using this time to find a long term accomodation.

And you are correct regarding contribution and visa fees.

Perfect! Thank a lot!
Its also a little hard to decide which dates to book accomodation for considering you don't know exactly when the visa will arrive and when to book flights ...

visa is normally processed in 7 working days if the documentation is right. Do a booking that has zero cancellation costs, say 1 month from the date of application. Like you apply in May, plan to travel in June or July.

Do they call for an interview these days? For my student visa two years back, they did. For the professional card they did. Now for the work visa again?

No. it is very rare tht they call for interview for applications with WP/professional card/ single permit.

Any specific set of requirements to touch upon in the coverletter?

Also, I have my contract indicating salary. Do I need to show any additional financial documents?

There was a dropbox link to all the documents required which has expired. If I can find that anywhere (For both professional card holder and dependent) would be great.

I believe I need to follow the rules of family reunification visa cause i dont see a separate procedure for dependent?

I plan to take a travel insurance together with my husband initially and get a belgian insurance once i am there. Would this be an acceptable document?

yes. As you will be self-employed (prof card), I dont think the company who gave you the contract, will cover your spouse in any Belgian mutuality. In self-employed model, I think it is your responsibility to subscribe (even yourself and) your spouse to Belgian mutuality. You can create a travel insurance for initial 3 months at least and then make a declaration (or mention in the cover letter) that you will subscribe yourself and your spouse to a belgian mutuality once you are here.

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