Safe living alone

I am a single person in my early 60's and on 3 government pensions so my income is stable. I just got my notice to vacate by August and my small town has 0 rental property available.  So I am thinking about doing this huge life move.

I, personally, don't suggest you make this major life move without visiting the country first. The area you mention may or may not suit you, but only you can make this decision.

Come visit before August and before making the major move as koklerias suggests, there's plenty of time to decide where to live, beaches, plains or mountains.

I concur with the above. It is crazy to move to another country before ever having visited that country. In fact one should live in Costa Rica at least 6 months before deciding to move here. If you have a house in the USA to go back to, okay, come here for awhile and check it out. But don't just "up and move" here, without a place to go back to should you decide you don't like it in Costa Rica.

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