How to go about finding a local craftsman?

Greetings all!

as we start gathering household items, we are thinking about having bedframes with underbed storage and headboards made locally and preferably using locally sourced materials.

I already know what I am looking for and will provide the plans and hardware (lift mechanism) but have no clue how to go about finding someone locally who is reputable and comes highly recommended.

Any suggestions on how to start my search for a craftsman?

Thanks bunches,

Las Terrenas Tracy

OK so I figured out Las Terrenas.  Now tell us what material, are we talking wood or metal?  Then people can make recommendations.

If it's metal I have an incredibly talented metal worker who works for me! The guys is amazing.  He makes beautiful beds, desks, lamps etc.

We are looking for someone who is skilled with wood especially any of the woods that are indigenous to the island.


I have a brother in law who is a genius at that kind of custom wood one-off stuff n can quote finishes from WORKS OF ART to utilitarian but nice. If you want to come to Santiago to meet him n see his work, pm me. Suerte

Thank you CapnRick.  Does he have a Facebook page or website with some examples of his work?

Sorry... no. If you are interested, I will see if he will take some pictures n send them to me. I will let you know.

Thanks much.  We received 2 leads in Las Terrenas that we are going to follow up on.  Planning a trip to one workshop tomorrow but if these don't work out, I will definitely reach out to you and have him provide pictures.

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