Belgium Marriage visa Status

Hi everyone

I applied for marriage visa on january 16 and interviewed on March 07 and 3 weeks after interview I was told by the consulate that my appication is sent to Brussle . But today on the  ibz website where we can check our status of the application I see this Massage .
Can anyone tell me whats that mean please ???  Does that mean that the appication is not sent yet ?!!! :(
Advance appriciation  :)

Décision:    En attente de la réception de documents étayant la demande de visa envoyés par valise diplomatique par le poste diplomatique/consulaire.
Date de la décision:    Apr 23 2019
extra info1:    Le dossier de visa n'est traité qu'au moment de la réception des documents concernés, même si la demande de visa a déjà été transmise par voie électronique précédemment. L'envoi par valise diplomatique dure en moyenne un mois. La durée de traitement de la demande de visa dépend ensuite de la complexité du dossier.
extra info2:    La décision est en principe envoyée le jour où elle est prise. Un délai de quelques jours peut cependant s'écouler avant sa réception effective par le poste diplomatique ou consulaire.


Wow, don't you know that Google is your friend. And Google translator also...🤪

Extra Info1: The visa file is treated only when receiving the documents concerned, even if the visa application has already been transmitted electronically beforewise. The dispatch of diplomatic bag is a monthly month. The duration of treatment of the visa request then depends on the complexity of the file.
Extra Info2: The decision is in principle sent the day it is taken. A deadline for a few days may, however, bear before its effective reception by the diplomatic or consular position.

So wait and see.

Hi dear

yes I do know and used google translate but the problem is that I dont get it. Thats mean the application was not sent yet or they asking for additional documents ??


No, actually they need nothing. It's just basic informations explaining the file review.


Please Ian in same situation how it going with you ? how long time it took with you?

Iam also wait since 7 months now after I introduced for marriage visa they asked for house contract and we send it and I did interview but we still wait my partner is Belgian and we wait more than 6 months now is this normal

I'm hoping this can somehow answer some your questions, My all process took almost 4 months in total. After my interview at the embassy, with in 3 weeks my visa was approved, but it took 3 months for me to be called in for an interview. Make sure that the District house here in Belgium actually did transfer your file to Brussels sometimes they need to be pushed a little, Because that's where the final decision will be made.

@Ronnie27  hi, did you message them about the stat of your application? Since mine been 5months now since my application.