Need some advices.

Hi Guys,
I need your help and advices for my situation. I came to Singapore on 23rd March and got a 30 days visit pass to see my wife who's staying in Singapore with the Student Pass. After a week I discussed with my wife to find a job in Singapore and luckily I got an interview and got the job offer on the third week of my visit pass. So I applied for visa extension but was rejected and went back to my home country on 22nd April. My employer will start applying for the Spass on 25th April. So I have two questions,

First , I have bought a ticket to go in Singapore again on 30th April(I saw that I need to stay outside for at least 5 working days for rentry)because my wife is not feeling well, will it be ok ?

Second, Will I be rejected to entry in Singapore with visit pass and waiting to get my IPA there during my spass application is processing ?

Please share me your experiences and advices.
Really appreciated for your time.

Your employer should apply for E-pass rather S-Pass.
you made a good decision to exit Singapore within time, but since your wife is on Student pass visiting her may not be a problem, but for you, as you trying to get a Job here your employer must submit the proper documents and proper due-diligence parameters to secure your JOB in MOM.

In my opinion, if you get visit visa to Singapore to see your wife, you must convince immigration officer at entry point with valid reasons that why you need to visit your wife often and how you are supporting your wife and yourself!

It will be better if your employer secure your Employment pass (which he can only do by corresponding with MOM, you cannot do anything), get your IPA.

So, in my opinion wait for your employment pass application outcome, MOM will entertain employment pass application on merit, if you are eligible and your employer is keen to hire you, i am not seeing any problem.

P.S: do not push things on your own, your employer is the one who can do that, your pushing only make things worst.

Good Luck!!!

Thanks Abbas,

Really appreciate your advice. I told my employer about that and he said there wouldnt be any problems and I didnt push or ask him anything. All I want is to stay by my wife's side before I start working.

You didn’t mention about your return ticket. Did you book return ticket? Don’t ever try to visit Singapore without return ticket, you will be denied upfront.

Secondly, if your wife need your help, then you can tell officer but it depends on how you convince him or her. Chances are there that you may get deny as prior to this, your visa extension was already rejected. You may send a mail to ICA for their confirmation on your visit or ask wife to call them to get speedy response. Good luck

Thanks bro,
I forgot to mention that and yes I did arranged a return ticket with the date of 3 weeks from my entry.

The minimum of five days out of the country is just a rule of thumb. The customs officers can (and sometimes do) reject or admit people outside of this timeframe, for any reason they like.
They will of course see in the system that you have failed to get an extension (and that you want to work in Singapore). That does not work in your favour!

Thank u all for all of your advices and suggestions and I'm so sorry for writing this lately. I came back on 30th as I said and I was detained for about an hour. After they asked me many questions and made verifications,they gave me a 30 days pass again. I think you just need to tell the solid reasons and the truths. If your reasons and situations are reasonable,there would be no problems. I had got one lesson there was that `dont freak out and panic when you are detained and just explain your situations clearly.

Thank u all

But keep in mind that the fact that you were interrogated should serve as a warning: Do not do this again, because next time you will be denied entry!

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