Renting an appartment in Oslo


I am from the UK and am moving to Oslo for work for 6 months next week. My work location will be in the vicinity of Schweigaards gate 23. So preferably I would be looking at an appartment within easy commutabe distance preferably an hours walk.

Can anyone advise as to where to start. My budget would be around maximum around 1500 euros for a one bedroom appartment.


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As a start, I would advise you to drop a free advert for your accomodation search in the Housing in Oslo section and specify your requirements so that you may receive offers which are tailor-made for you.

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Your location is very close to the train station and Tbane station (tube).  Not the mention tram stations too.  The location is very central of oslo city area.

That also means rental is expensive.  You can search rentals in finn 
This is like the norwegian ebay or norwegian google.  You can find all sort of things in finn

Just use google chrome so that you can translate the language.

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