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I'm looking for specific info on understanding IT staff cost in Vietnam. We're looking to partner with an existing company in Vietnam for remote resources for Managed Services, but really don't have any detailed staff cost info. We do like this company a lot, and they have great experience in the Cloud industry.

Level 1 Support Engineer
Level 2 Cloud Support Engineer
Level 3 Cloud Architect

I have found a few documents/sites, but hoping someone in here might have some knowledge in this area. … y-2017.pdf

But not specific enough in our area. Payscale and Glassdoor seem to vary a lot. Does anyone on here have info in this area? Thank you.


OT: Contact the local universities' IT Departments. There are brilliant graduates who haven't landed a job yet. Some are working for free. There is quiet desperation, IMHO.

Then use good soft skills. Send an email saying "thanks for coming" (to an interview). You should need a big stick to fight off applicants, no matter how much you offer.

No, unfortunately, for us to partner with our Vendor, we need experienced, certified engineers. We do take that approach locally though, for junior engineers. That's why we're partnering with a Vietnamese company. I just wanted to be sure the prices we're being quoted are reasonable. Thanks.

KruChris :

There is quiet desperation, IMHO.

Ha! The plight of new grads...

I've heard experienced IT rates range $US1000 - $1500.
But better ask some experts, there are owners of several remote teams in a Facebook group, "Tech Expats in HCMC (Saigon)", join and ask them.

BTW I looked at that Teleport salary link, and their medians look high, about 2x high from my experience. In US$ / month:

Cashier, Waiter $500 - 600
Receptionist, Nurse  $1750
Teacher  $1750 (Huh? Foreign English teacher sure, not a Vietnamese)
Physician $4100

I know this is a week old but if this is going to be all virtual, does it need to be IT staff from Vietnam? Vietnam lags behind along with other developing countries in the field of network security. They are primed for hacking. If there's not face or onsite interaction needed, you can try a country like India?
At my company, we use a company in San Diego that manage security and troubleshooting for our Amazon Web Services and I've never met any of the people in person.
Recent article about Vietnam cybersecurity plans. … rsecurity/

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