Looking to move to S.Korea!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to expat.com and I was hoping to meet some people with first hand experience living and working in S.Korea.

My wife and I are looking to leave our Senior Management roles in 1 of Canada's major FI's to start a new life of adventure, preferably in Korea. From what I've been reading it is very difficult to obtain a decent paying office job in any industry without a BA. Is this in fact the truth? My wife has degrees and work experience so obtaining a job would be less of a challenge for her than it would pose for me.

I started to work in the bank almost immediately out of high school. Over the years I have been able to move up within the organization to where I am now, mid-senior level people manager.

My question is this; Without a degree would my work experience/achievements matter when applying to office roles (ideally in finance sector). Also, I do not speak Korean whatsoever and i know this would also be a factor. Are there Expat companies/multinational orgs seeking professional English speakers?

thanks in advance!

No degree no job. In Korea graduation rates are very high c70%. Thjs is a country where school friends will disown anyone without a degree and your social and work standing depends on which uni you went to.

Expats need a degree for visas.

Hey Wayne,

I'm in a similar situation as you. Born in Toronto and worked in banking and moved my way up to management level. Basically I dropped out of university after 3 years.  Looking to relocate to Korea. But I'm sure you can find a job teach english without a degree. I'm not 100% sure on that. I'm of Korean heritage so don't know if its easier for me

E2 visas (foreigners teaching English) require a degree.

Well I wouldn't be an e2 visa. I could easily get permanent residency. My wife is korean

I meant the OP who you were answering.

To work legally in a hagwoon you need a 2 year min uni level diploma as a Korean eg equal to a US associate degree from a community college.

Hi there,

Just a student, but because of sudden  situations, couldn’t pay the university fee for a year even he really wanted continued to study. Unfortunately, the school told him to delay the school until find money. In this case, is that possible to work for finding university payment? Even not get degree yet, but hope there is some work for this kind of students.
If yes, please give some advice.

Advantage korean and English. Good behavior and young.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. I find it very hard to believe that they hold a BA so high that professional experience and recognized industry/international achievements fall flat. I'll continue my search as my wife and I are set on moving. I'm not looking to knock on their door, I intend to kick it in.

See you on the other side (of the world) maybe!

Lemme know how that goes for you. I'm in the same situation. Dropped out 3rd year to focus on my banking career.

Hi my name is Daniel from South Korea(korean) holding married to Canadian citizen.

Without bachelor degree it would be little hard to find job in korea even you have great work ability.

So this is my recommendation, why won't you start your own business?

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