Working Holiday Pass

Hello everyone. I am Rongpu, a student in France. I have a question about WHP.
Recently I am ready to apply for WHP, because I am going to do my internship in singapore. But the website shows "The Work Holiday Programme has reached its maximum capacity of 2,000 places. " It's weird that it has been full in April.
I'd like to know that what should I do now.  Will there be position avaliable? Can I continue to apply for WHP now?  Thank you in advance.

Did you read my recent reply to another user on same question? I would recommend start spending time to go through open threads, you will get answers most of your questions. Good luck

If MoM says the quota is full and no more WHV will be issued, then there is no reason to doubt that.
Look for othervisa types instead, e.g. TEP or TWP.

Yes,I have read that. I will collect more information. Thank you so much!

Thanks for your reply. I will try. Thank you very much!

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