Retirement in Bangkok

What is life like to retire in Bangkok?

Well, I should say it is easy, fun cheap. But you need to learn how to get the retirement visa fast, legal and smooth. Please contact me for advice should you decide to retire in Thailand. Have a nice day

Hello - I'm in need of a new, competent, no drama, proactive Thailand immigration attorney.

My first lawyer, American, made Shakespearian dramas on Broadway look like flatlining by comparison. I've never seen histrionics like that in my life. Scary actually.

My second lawyer, Thai, was absolutely wonderful but she left the firm. And nobody told me for three months until I went down there to ask WTF? They had no record of me despite a hefty retainer.

The surviving lawyers in that firm are utterly incompetent and we're back to Drama 101. Don't want that.

I have my 12 month visa - now 11 months since the replacement attorneys filed the 90 day report much too soon - so all that's needed in the short term is someone to take care of my 90 day reports until 8 or 9 months from now.

Please PM me with any recommendations you might have, and if it's not too intrusive, why you recommend them.  Thank you!

Great news! I found out I can follow my former attorney to the new law firm after all. An exceptional attorney - an exceptional anything - is hard to come by and I'm very relieved. I'll still happily stockpile any suggestions you might have because you never know what the future may hold.

Interesting post..How much does a lawyer charge to get you a visa? and how much look after your reporting.

Really no need to hire a lawyer just to get a visa. Can do yourself; forms and instructions all on internet. Just pay the immigration fees when you apply.

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