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Iam  from Egypt staying in Egypt I have good experience in glazing facade section I worked as estimation manager as well as design engineer , so iam looking for an facade engineer job (estimation -design) in Malaysia ,please is there any experts in above job title  from Malaysia, extra is this better to come to Malaysia and makes interviews with employees face to face ?


There has to be a competitive selection process so applying online for suitable vacancies to test the waters is the first step.

Interviews are conducted online and if successful the person cannot be in Malaysia while the application for a work permit by the employer is carried out.

As a guide 3 yrs relevant experience is required when a Degree holder. 5 yrs with a Diploma and 7 yrs with a Certificate

It is probably best to apply for jobs that don't have Manager in the title as foreigners can't have budget control or supervision roles. You will need a current building or construction licence to apply for a reciprocal one (CIDB) in Malaysia if selected. The CIDB licence is only given when there is a Project Licence issued so steer towards those kinds of vacancies rather than draughtsman (pre project) type ones

Thanks for reply , but I tried with but can't find any jobs for glazing facade , what is the best way to get malasyia n recruiting


Try different key words. Perhaps there are no jobs currently.

It might be that the engineering design is part of the architectural process where jobs will be done by local Malaysians. It would only be on site installation work available.

Malaysia is not like the Middle East. It has a strong workforce of local talent

Try Singapore as well

Try different key words. Perhaps there are no jobs currently.

I found this specialisf company so you could send your CV to them and similar corporates

Thanks for all reply really it is useful for me
But please please can you send me the companies directory which I send my c.v to it.


I think can find this information yourself by searching on

"Malaysia glass facade company"

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Please can you tell me about the salary range for site engineer , as well as AutoCAD draftsman


Salary ranges are published on Glassdoor

Salary Survey

I guess you need have proper keyword in your job search. I found one "FACADE DESIGNER".

Also … ala-Lumpur

Hope this helps.

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I think that glassdoor is recruiting site . … _IN170.htm

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Yes , thanks with my great regards

Please there is may a broblem for reaching site , so iam from Egypt and the site consider me from iran I don't know why and when change country living not accepted , as well as  I can't  discover any country..I don't know what is the broblem.


Does your government censor internet access like China perhaps.

So I try some ways  to reach site so I reach it from email discussions , but please I want ask you about the average of life expensive in Malaysia  in other way if I take a salary 5000 MYR. May be the life cost is 30% from salary or less or more ?


28% tax for first 182 days as non resident but can get refund of overpaid compared to resident rate in the following tax year. So take home pay just under 4000. Check on numbeo for cost of living. Main expense is accommodation. Average expenses will be 2000 per month + rental

But please the rent average for one roome in Kuala Lumper , how much per month? (I will rent one roome because I am single).you are spoke about expenses monthy cost (food+transportation. .extra) 2000 this is by MyR or the sub of MYR..and could you tell me about the averge salary for account in Malaysia ? So I show the world report for project engineer annual salary in Malaysia is 60k to 120 k per year
Is this true?
So in other hand if I applied my c.v in the site and share offer is it fine way to get job in Malaysia ?

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You can check room rental rates at Average for a foreigner in the suburbs and not city centre will be about RM 600-800 per month for own room. Yes RM 2000 all other expenses (food, shared utilities at room, transportation, phone)


I've discussed with another facade engineer who was having difficulty getting immigration approval and his salary offer was RM 7500. But I think he was not approved because a local Malaysian could do the job and CIDB would not approve his licence because experience was not satisfactory.

All you can do is apply and see what happens. But if you are primarily an estimator or planner it will not be easy to get an onsite job. Your experience must be "relevant" to the vacancy. Plus for site jobs need the CIDB approval and licence (which means you need to have the same kind of licence valid in Egypt)

How can I check if my qualifications and experience is approved fro CIDB on other hand I worked as facade estimation manager and I professional for this stage and can work as estimator or I worked as facade designer I have good capabilites of autocade as well as technically. .so which for previous experts easly to approved or I have wide experience in architectural glazing facade works
My graduation is bachelor's of industrial metal design from faculty of applied arts (considered as engineering in Egypt).

Alot of thanks

OK so in fact you are not really experienced for onsite work which is more about fitting glazing structures and organising work flow. So CIDB licence will not be necessary as it is a requirement for building projects.

The type of work you described is office work with say an engineer or architect company, or even a quantity surveyor. All you can do is apply for jobs either through job portals (there are very few jobs advertised*) or send your CV direct to companies as suggested earlier

*there is a new one today at Pavilion but too senior for you I guess … SpU0kp2SmK

Thanks at all your efforts attends to help me , so the end of your previous message I can't understand well please could you clarify,  and how can I contact pavilion. .so is my english language is well or going to raise level ?

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Did you check the link I posted? It is from job portal Jora. So you would apply from Jora. I just wrote that the job might be too senior for you

Facade Project Manager
Pavilion Management (DTC) Sdn Bhd - Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Full time

Assist the General Managers of Development and Project in all aspects of coordination for the Façade Design Development, co-ordination, contractor proposals, manufacture, site installation and defects inspections.
Assist in design co-ordination, design meetings and all aspects of delivery and coordination related to façade and building elevations
Support Project Management team to achieve relevant approvals, key milestones, design monitoring, quality and cost aspects for façade and associated elements
Review all shop drawings, details, tests performance reports, prototypes and materials samples submitted by Contractor for compliance to Contract requirements
Attend factory and on-site inspection and reporting on physical progress for fabrication and site installations with daily/weekly inspection programme for the client.
Verification on the façade contractor’s progress claim (Assisting QS)
Upon completion, inspection on failures and prepare Defects Report for Contractor’s rectification and ensure rectifications carried out in satisfactory manner and all test reports, manuals and warranty are submitted accordingly.
Organize and manage project documentation, drawings and maintain systematic filing for records
Other assigned related tasks

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Engineering or equivalent 10 years industry experience background in Façade Design, Façade Engineering or Façade related Project Management
Experience in full design life cycle of largescale developments encompassing commercial, high-rise residential, offices, hotel / hospitality and retail facades
Experience in management of façade design, coordination and site installation
Practical experience in multi-level consultancy design, technical and construction coordination
High level of initiative, hands-on & able to work independently. Self - motivated and diligent.
Professional with excellent interpersonal & presentation skills
Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English
Proficient computer knowledge: MS Office & MS Project & AutoCad
Jobstreet Malaysia - 5 days ago

As I wrote before I think you should send your CV to companies that specialise in metal or glass facades. So you find them using Google and then contact them. There is usually an email address to which you can send your CV. You need to include a small photograph on your CV as that is Malaysian style. It is important to list your types of experience as employers look for people that have the experience they need.

Thanks a lot I alredy have some Malaysian companies as well as professionals at Linked In site. But I show the subject is not easy to find a job on line .so if I post in jobs forum at our site here is this useful ?

Ayman Daifulla

Expat websites are not very useful to find most types of employment as the people hiring are usually local Malaysians not foreigners. But there are lots of Facebook groups (Malaysia runs on Facebook) so it's another area to explore. You just have to keep applying.

You can only be offered a job by going through a competitive selection process. If there are no Malaysians who apply then a company can document they need to hire a foreigner.

Malaysia is not like the middle East as it has a large and qualified local workforce.

Is Singapore has more chances than Malaysia , on other hand I hear that the salaries there is more than Malaysia , but the cost of living more than Malaysia, the advantage of Malaysia is the life is near to Egypt..Please can you clarify if the chances for jobs or salaries is better for Singapore or Malaysia ?


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Hard to say because the construction industry in both countries is dominated by Chinese companies and SG is predominantly Chinese (like Penang).

But apply or circulate your CV in both countries. SG might be slightly easier as it has a lack of manpower in some sectors. I'm sure you can feel at home in either country as they are both multicultural.

Salaries and COL are higher in SG.

Thank you very much , but Please I want to ask you about  thing outside our subject that I think  that my android is hackef and I reach you from gmail messages I notice that for some google results is don't true for clear things as well as my Facebook timeline is different all time for sites is no actual and all time give me false news , so I can't use my browsers clear and don't give me clear results. Please could you know how to avoid this mannet ( by format my device ) or how to keep my self is safety after formating my device .

Ayman Daifulla

I fixed my device error , So we are in our subject, after I trying too much time on line so I got few chances jobs , so that Please give me your advice that my friend in Malaysia he will send me invitation to visit him, I think it is better to go there and search about jobs available so making interviews face to face in this case the employer will see my experience and touch it better than send it on my question you are with my opinion for that? on other hand this way is good also for Singapore ?

Ayman Daifulla

If there are no jobs online then there are unlikely to be any companies hiring (probably training and promoting internally)

Come for a holiday but don't expect to find a job.

As mentioned earlier your first step is to send your cv to all the companies in your industry by email. Only then do you have anything to follow up if you are in Malaysia. You tell them when you would be available for interview.

You need to give some time for companies to receive and review your cv.

Even if you walked in they will probably only ask you to leave your cv

Finding a job can take 6-9 months so be realistic.

Thank you realy you send me the right point of view, you are right must plane the subject step by step .but when I search about glazing facade companies , the browser give me few results, please could you try to send me any directory from Malaysia about the glazing facade companies?  Sure there more than one directory in Malaysia?

A lot of thanks
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There isn't one

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