Marriage Permission Foreign woman to Saudi Man

My boyfriend and me want to get married. I’m from Latin America and he is Saudi. I’m living in my country while he is living in Saudi but we want ti get married to be together. We have been in a relationship for about 5 years so are more than ready, Alhamdullilah.

8 months ago we applied for marriage permission in Emara but was denied, because of his age. We are both 27 years old. Subhan Allah, we keep trying and we keep investigating how to get APPROVED our marriage permission. Some people advices that is directly in MOI instead of Emara. Other people advice to get married in my country and to apply through MOI with the marriage document of my country.

By the way, the second time he went to Emara to apply again, they did not accepted our documenta because our age.  PLEASE WE NEED SOME HELP! Insha Allah we can get our marriage permission approved.

HELP NEEDED!!!! if someone can share any contact that have helped to get approved this process or share their experience WE APPRECIATE IT! ♥️

Hello! 👋🏻☺️ Some help over here

Hello roalmiam,

The reason why you are not getting any replies on your post is because  of the delicate nature of the information that you seek. Getting married to a Saudi national is or can be complex in terms of procedures and the right governmental body to visit.

However the mission at hand of you both getting married is not entirely impossible. I do not have any usual information into the said subject, but your question has been asked a few number of times here on so please do follow the link below and read through the comments and replies as there were a lot that was disclosed on how to approach your problem.


Because of your age, this is a difficult proposition.  It doesn't matter even if you get married in your home country as this marriage will not be recognized by Saudi.  That doesn't matter if you don't have plans to live there but if you do, then it is a problem.

While it may be very difficult to get approval due to your age, it is not impossible.  What it requires and indeed, it is common in this part of the world, is strong contacts or wasta.  You need to ask your partner to try and find friends or relatives who know people in MOI - ask around.

And read the thread posted by flex14, I have commented on it quite a bit in detail.

Salam! Hello
Thanks for replying guys Flex14 and XTang, I appreciate it.

Alhamdullilah we have applied directly through MOI e-services few days ago. Inshallah we will get it done! We are positive about it.

We looked for long time a Wasta but didn’t find anyone.

I will update you guys with our process, so may be it can be helpful to others that are in the same situation.

First of all
I hope the best for you guys
Thats really strong relationship
What i know he must be 35 old
Or he knows someone inside
I have been through this
And its hectic
Good luck guys
Best regards

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