Hello sir
presently iam living in india..I came to bahrain on e visit visa on feb 2018, but unfortunately overstayed 7 months. Later i pay the fined and departed bahrain. Now one of the employer wants to hire me for a job and when employer applying for a work visa the immigration doesn't issuing me the employment visa. Whats the reason ? I already checked the lmra website which showing no travel ban.

Kindly help me out.

LMRA website will not show anything.   Bans or denial of entry has nothing to do with LMRA.

There are two types of bans; one is ordered by execution court for things like unpaid debts or other cases (travel bans) and the second is related to immigration which is for things like security, previous overstays etc.   

You overstayed for 7 months and were in the country illegally when your visa expired.  What did you expect to happen?   and you are seriously asking what is the reason for the visa being refused? :)

You do this in any country in the world and they will not give you a visa again.

you mean to say in future i cannot travel to bahrain anymore....

No one can say for sure.  It could be that immigration will never issue you a visa because of your past overstay or it could be that they will, if your employer pushes enough or is a big influential company.

Ok. Thank you XTAng.

i want to leave bahrain because i have already cancelled visa but the problem is i went to immigration they say they will speak to my sponsor first before they let me to exit bahrain i really wanted to exit because i am now over the grace period can anyone help me what to do

I have responded to your other post on same topic.

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