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I am very confused and have read this forum for hours...I will be relocating on a Work Visa in July for a two year contract ..

1. Can and/or how do I get a DR drivers' license? 

2. Is it easier to do it via getting my CDN license validated to a DR license or should I just go through the process of taking the DR license process (assuming I am allowed?)


If you hold a work permit (whereby you are a legal resident here) you can drive legally using your Canadian license for 90 days after each entry into the country and as such your insurance will be valid with the valid driving license.

As a work permit holder you can now obtain a Dominican driving license, after a decree last year, by validation of your Canadian license within those first 90 days here. You will need to do this wih your 2 year contract and it does not cost much.

The process was translated in a thread about two months ago. Will try and locate

Here is the decree in Spanish: … NJEROS.pdf

Here is planners translation of my post on the decree in spanish in a recent theead on driving licenses here:

Good stuff!  This was done by decree in  July 2017 so its recent! 

You will need the  following:

1. Be 18 or older.
2. License from the country of origin in force
3. Certification apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming the
authenticity and validity of the foreign license.
4. Valid visa passport as established in the case (take copies together to the original)
5. Work certification
6. Copy of the current employment contract or the university, as established in the case.
7. Student permission for the cases that apply.

Of course there are fees..... and a process to follow.

Awesome thank you...excuse my lack of understanding but what does this mean: 

3. Certification apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming the
authenticity and validity of the foreign license.

You need to read this as well being the process you will go through as posted elsewhere at a local INTRANT centre with all the correct documentation:

The latest information is posted in Spanish on the INTRANT website. … dominicana

Google translated below:

Requirements or requirements

Be a foreigner with residence in the country.

Required documents:

1. Foreign driver's license valid at the date of the change, plus one (1) copy.

2. Certification of the diplomatic or consular mission that proves the validity and validity of the license, legalized in Chancery or apostille by the country of origin, plus one (1) copy.

- The schedule of certification in the Chancellery is until 2:30 p.m.

3. One (1) copy of the residence.

4. Contract or work letter.

5. Payment receipt from the Reserve Bank for the legalization of diplomatic certification and a copy.

6. Receipt of payment of taxes and services from the Reserve Bank or online.

Procedures to follow

1. Go to the Legal Department and the Intrant License Office. (they check with your cedula or work permit if you have any violations against your name)

2. Go through the Registration of the Headquarters of the Driving License Department (This procedure is only carried out at Headquarters). Santo Domingo opposite National Stadium.

3. Examine the view. (eye test)

4. Make the blood typing. (blood type test)

5. Go through the offices of Dekolor at Headquarters.

6. Go to data capture, photo and signature.

7. Collect document in license delivery.

Additional Information
Validity:  Four (4) years.

Other information:  In the case of Change of Origin of a Dominican, if the license is American, it must cover the process of obtaining the Normal License because the American Consulate does not issue the validity certification. If it is from another country it can be validated.

Cost at licensing centre is 950 pesos and takes about 2 hours. I believe the legalization cost will be about 650 pesos per document.

You will have to go to this department and get your Canadian license certified for a small fee (in the order of about 12 usd).

I am sure that the company that employs you will be able to help you in this whole process whcih seems challenging but in reality is not too dificult. We Brits and Americans have more of a challenge taking the easy driving tests.

I belive their is an INTRANT office in La Romana where you can go through the process described above with the correct documentation.

It is very simple to get a DR license from a Canadian license once you have a residencia and Cedula. First you have to get your CND license validated at the Canadian consulate. I went to the one in Puerto Plata. I used a lawyer who walked me through the process. After getting the validation, it can be done in 1 day in SD. I didn't have to do a written test or a driving test. Only a basic eye exam. Cover 1 eye and read the letters on the board. Very basic. If you need a lawyer to help, send me a PM and I will send her contact details. I highly recommend her. She is not expensive and will work hard for you.

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