Doing business in Colombia?

Two questions for anyone:

1) I am looking at hiring an individual here in Colombia who will create a Wordpress website that is SEO optimized and will conduct research and focus on PPC (Google Ads, Google Banners, FB Ads) along with optimizing SEO and some email campaigns and basic content marketing. He will also teach me how to do the marketing that he will do.  I am being quoted 1.500.000 for the website and 3.000.000 for two months of marketing. Are these prices fair or too much?

2) How should payment be made. He is suggesting 50% upfront with 50% upon completion. Is this a standard payment method here in Colombia?

Thanks for your help and input.

The prices of about $500 USD to create a WordPress website, and $1000 USD for two months of marketing seem fair - this article points out that it could cost you much more, at least in the USA: … a-website/

Payment is up to you - but I'd suggest a bit more restrictive plan:
1.  Offer only 33% upfront.
2.  Another 33% to be paid when you get a working prototype that has at least 90% of the features you want, with no stumbling blocks or show-stoppers standing in the way of completion.
3.  Another 33% for the finishing touches, fixing bugs etc. and when you finally sign off that you are satisfied and you consider it done.
4.  The last 1% (that's a whole $5 USD...) to buy him/her lunch or a fancy dinner...

If you have the time and inclination, and at least some computer skills, you could build it yourself.  WordPress is not that hard to use.  Then let him/her take over the marketing part.

As marketing specialist I can say that impossible to build website for 500$. If you looking information about website cost you can check this:

Nathan1241 :

As marketing specialist I can say that impossible to build website for 500$.

I'm a software development professional.  I know many people who have built their own personal, fully-functioning websites to promote or showcase their interests, their hobbies, their travels, etc.  Many of them taught themselves the HTML to make it happen, and paid no one anything.

Colombia is not the USA, nor is it the Ukraine as your link mentions where they want to charge $50/hour USD which seems high, especially nowadays, even for the USA given that it's just not that hard with all the tools available that allow you to create a website not even knowing HTML.

Colombia's minimum wage is less than $250 USD/month - under 1 million Colombian pesos.  Many well-trained software developers there are lucky to earn barely two to three times that, $500-$750 USD a month - if they can even find a job.  That was true over a year ago when this question was first posted, and it's still true especially now with covid-19 closing down businesses worldwide.  Many if not most Colombian website developers would jump at the chance to get $500 USD to create a basic website.

This site estimates it would cost between 1.2 to 4 million COP to create a basic webpage: … -colombia/

1.2 million to 4 million COP is between about $320 to $1075 USD.  Of course the more bells and whistles and longer development time, the higher the cost.

This site gives several estimates and breaks down costs of hosting, domain name, etc. … -colombia/

The site gives a wider range of initial costs.  Why?  Because, of course, it all depends on what you want the website to do.

"...el costo inicial puede estar entre $800.000 hasta más de $30.000.000 COP, aproximadamente."

Translated, "...the initial cost can be between 800,000 COP ($215 USD) to more than 30,000,000 COP ($8100 USD), approximately."

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