Lost job due to my company closing down. Can I apply for LTVP?

I graduated from NUS, working in Singapore for 5 years. Recently, my current company has decided to close down its business in 1 month. After that I will have 1 more month to stay in Singapore. Can I apply for Long term visit pass to have more time to find new job in Singapore?

I already actively seeking new jobs. However few of them seem to accept my salary demands. Just want to make sure I will have more time to seek more jobs here.


You can only get an LTVP if you are dependent of family members who live in Singapore. You did not mention if you have any.

In this link, ICA states that if you are a graduate from a local university, you can apply for LTVP to seek employment in Singapore:

Though, I'm not sure whether this is only for fresh graduate or not (I am already working for 5 years). Anyone tried it before?

The reason I asked this question is due to complication in my current job seeking. The company is closing down at the end of this month, I got an offer from a new company some time ago during the closing notice period, however the EP application has been rejected recently (still waiting for reasons). If the new company decides to cancel the EP application and withdraw the job offer, I will have to start searching job again and now there is only a little bit more than a month left for me to stay in SG. So I'm considering apply for LTVP.

You can apply LTVP when you just completed your course or waiting for final exam results. Your case is different. But, for clarity, try to talk to ICA officer for your clarification and can share the information.

Now, you can only apply extension of visa, 99% chances are there, ICA officer will reject the request. Only option is you may have to leave Singapore and try to enter after 1 week to get another 30 days time for you to search jobs. Always carry return ticket with accommodation details. Good luck

Actually, I did try to apply for LTVP and got approved.

So for anyone interested in the LTVP:
- If you are former student of local university, you are indeed eligible for applying for Long Term Visit Pass. Regardless of whether you are fresh grad or not. But keep in mind that the approval is not guaranteed.

But, you didn’t say about when did you apply and what was the GAP between your course completion and apply date?

I would suggest provide these things for better understanding. But, what I heard is ICA doesn’t give priority to approve LTVP to ex students after a certain years of completion. Secondly, it matters from where did you pass out. If you have passed out your graduation or post graduation from a TOP university here then chances are higher to get LTVP.

I have been working for almost 6 years. Got a master degree from NUS. Apply for ltvp 1 week ago and got approved yesterday.

I don’t think there is any official criteria or priority for approval. ICA can reject or approve we don’t know. Hence there is no guarantee. But you are eligible to apply if you are alumnus of local Higher Education Institute regardless of year of graduation .

You can try to apply. The only loss of it is rejected is 30$ processing fee.

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