I got a offer in Singapore..

Hi everyone newbie here..
I have a question and i hope you can give a piece of advice it surely appreciated.
I got an offer to work in Singapore then they give the copy of contract and I signed it but after that no more follow up.. its already 1 month and Im still waitng I asking the HR in the company that I applied.. I didnt get any respond to them?? Is this a possible that  Job is not given to me?? Well this is my 1st time to work abroad and Direct hired so I need some advice.. cuz makes worried so much.. thank you very much
God bless

Hi Roxie, You better call them directly and try to get the information if no one does not response to you.

Probably they might have found a better candidate for their requirement. But just try to contact them first before you decide anything.

Thank you sir to advice.
This morning they send me an email saying that they are waiting for a confimation for my commencement yeah kinda like that..
They will update as soon there is a result..
Im kinda confuse.. but think all I have to do wait.

Good luck Rxoxie...

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