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Hi All,

I am currently employed with a reputable MNC in India and had recently received with a job offer (role) with the Singapore division of the same MNC in the Oil and Gas business. My role is as a Financial Analyst. My employer filed for my EP in first week of April and I checked my status online yesterday and see that it has been rejected. I am waiting for my legal team to get back to me with the reason they would have received from MoM regarding my EP rejection.
I had put my details on SAT tool and I am eligible for EP pass. Also I have done my Bachelors and MBA from India and my salary offered here in Singapore was above 5500 SGD. One thing to mention is my Bachelors college was available in MoM’s list but not my MBA college, but it still showed with all my details that I am eligible for EP.
Can anyone suggest what could be the reason for rejection? Also can an appeal to MoM’s decision with new documents or push from the HR stating the urgency to get me on-board ever been a success?

There could be many potential reasons. After I read through your message, I would suggest to read our thread with subject “Potential criteria at MoM..”, to understand where it possibly went wrong. Good luck

Hi Surya, thanks for the link and your continued support in helping people on this portal. One thing I would like to get your opinion is there an option of staying in Malaysia and working in Singapore? If yes, is this possible for expats like us from India and what kind of visa will be required for this.

In oneline, it’s not possible to get work visa or any kind of visa in Malaysia which can allow you to stay there and work here.

Only possible reason where you can stay in Malaysia and work here is that you need to pledge an investment of 2 million Ringgit there in order to get a MM2H visa (Malaysia second home visa) which will allow you to stay there and search jobs in Malaysia. Then if you got a job in Singapore and your work visa approved here then you can stay in Malaysia (Johor state) then travel 2-3hrs daily to your office.

Oh I see, then Malaysia is not an option to be considered. Do you think personally going with my legal team to the MoM and showing them my documents will help?
Reason I ask is I see different views in different posts, some say Mom gets irritated with this and some say this actually helps.

Their judgment is final. What’s your legal team going to do with it?

They have certain yardsticks and based on that they decide whether to approve or not. So, going with your legal team (not sure if they are local based legal company or lawyers), they should know how MoM & ICA work.

Your employer can only have option to appeal but only after addressing the root cause of the reason. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks. I got to know the reason for rejection today, it is do with error in posting on Jobs bank portal. So my company will be reposting it correctly and they have said they will have to keep it posted for minimum 14 days. Post the 14 days, should we appeal the rejected EP or apply for a new EP?

Your employer can appeal. Please start reading our existing threads as these questions were discussed in details. Good luck

Hi Surya

My employer has filed a new EP pass last Friday after posting the corrected job posting on Jobs bank for 14 days. They filed for a new EP instead of appealing the old decision.

However, I am still able to see my old rejected status on EP online with my previous date of application. Should it not show Pending with the new date of application of last Friday?

If yes, how many days approx does it take to reflect on the portal? I have seen in the past posts where you have said 1 to 2 days, but that is already over now and still not reflecting. Please advise what should I do.


Read the forum threads, this was discussed very extensively that your application is new then it will update after few days ( check with your employer to find out with MoM l, if after one week no Choon status).

If your employer appealed on your rejection after corrected the job post then the status will change only after it got approved. So, check with your employer was it a fresh application or was an appeal post rectification of job posting. Good luck

Thanks Surya, I will go through the threads. One last question I had was, does the duration of MoM’s response start from the day my company filed the application or does it start from the day it reflects on EP online?

Also it will be of great help if you could share the link to the posts that you think will help me.


Again your message was replied many times. It always starts on the date of your application submission.

Spend time to read old threads under category “Work” and “visa”, you will see our response. Same time, you will clarify your other doubts, if any.

I don’t remember which thread I had replied but I do remember that I had mentioned these answers many times.

Hi Surya

I got confirmation from the employer that it was applied as new application and not an appeal. Also I am now able to see my application as pending on EP online since 7th May.

I went through the posts on this forum but generally what I see is people have appealed on a Jobs bank posting issue and not a new application like my case, so I am not able to make a reference with my case from the old threads on this portal. What is your view on a new application and how much time you think should take for the decision to come considering my first application got rejected in 2 weeks and it’s already a week now since my new application.

Vijay1234 :

What is your view on a new application and how much time you think should take for the decision to come considering my first application got rejected in 2 weeks and it’s already a week now since my new application.

Read the first (long) post in the "How long will my work pass application take" thread. It explains in details which processes your application will go through and how long each of them takes. There is no difference to this regarding appeal or re-application.

Thanks Beppi, the post was indeed very helpful. I guess I will have to be patient here, not sure if MoM entertains any urgent request to expedite my approval process as it has been just 1 week since re-application.

Your company (not you) can contact MoM and ask for a faster process, if they have valid reasons to need you at a certain date.. No guarantee, though, that this will achieve anything. But at least it cannot do any harm.

Hi Beppi,

It seems my company wants to wait than call up the MoM.
I am just hoping the reason for rejection mentioned on Jobs bank posting issue was the only reason for rejection and not that that was the first thing they saw and rejected, because then in that case they have not seen my full case.

Is it right to hope a get a decision faster than the decision time on my first Ep submission where it got rejected?

Please read my long post in the "How long will my work pass application take" thread to understand what is done in which order. They reject as soon as they find a reason - and don't check the full case!
A subsequent application is not necessarily faster than a first one - it could also take longer. But since there is nothing you can do about it, better stop worrying an start waiting patiently. (I know, easier said than done!)

If it was only jobbank posting issue, once employer has rectified at Jobbank then they can appeal your case, you may see a positive response from MoM.

In recent times, I have seen such cases were approved post rectification at employer. Good luck

Hi Surya/Beppi

My job posting on Jobs bank will be expiring soon in a few days as my company had put the posting for 1 month. Now since my EP status is still pending, will it be a problem if the job expires before the decision is given my MoM on my EP?

No problem, I think.

Hi Beppi / Surya

I am pleased to inform you my EP got approved today. Thanks to both of you for constant guidance throughout. It took 2 weeks for me to get approval from date of application.

Congrats @vijay1234

Thanks @sr2

Can you please help how much time does it take to get the electronic issue of Notification letter once submission is made online for Employment Pass? I believe I can work on local payroll once I have the Notification letter right?


Vikay1234: Please read related discussions that are already present on the forum - your question has been answered numerous time and there is even a dedicated thread about it!

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