German spouse visa


I'm from South Africa married to a German. We've been together for 4years and married for 8 months.

I applied for my D visa last month 28March and today my husband received a letter in Germany asking to provide documents with the proof of address and to mention if he would allow me to stay with him and also the details about how we met.

My question is should I be worried or is this a good sign that I will get the visa. I really want to be with my husband, the long distance is killing me.

Please also advise once we provide the documents how long will it take to get an answer?

Thanking you in advance.

Such requests are fairly normal. How long it takes for officials to react can only be speculated on - just ask them. One cannot say good or bad other than it is better than an outright rejection. But obviously they want to scrutinize if it is a legitimate marriage rather than some kind of marriage of convenience. Further scrutinization or a decision will depend on the answers you give. You should be aware that there are also requirements that your husband makes enough money to support, and has a large enough accommodation, for both of you. You’ll also likely have to pass a German test level A1 but there can be exceptions like if there are simply no German courses offered where you could attend – and then it would be expected you learn and pass such a test after coming to Germany.

Thank you very much , I already did the A1 and passed and He earns enough to support the both of us. I will update you about the outcome.

Hi Tomi,

Received my visa today, Thank you very much for your help. 🇩🇪 here I come 😊

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