MOE interview of March, 2019 Mumbai and Delhi

Can I have ur contact
My contact number is ***
M also from kerala

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I am divya .. I received initial offer letter and waiting for the next process..
What is ur current stage?

I am divya..I received initial offer letter one month back..Any idea how long we have to wait..Did u get any updates

Hi Divya...

No updates yet

Yes they asked for birth certificate issued by municipal corporation of the city where u were born. When did you get your initial offer letter.

I got initial offer letter one month back

every body who gt initial initial letter is waiting for final contract which will be issued by next week as per agency. moe opens on 9th after eid holidays.

Did u got offer letter from moe uae

Hi ,I also got the Initial offer letter. Could  you pls add me to the WhatsApp group .my contact is ***

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my final contract came today...

ajiasha :

my final contract came today...

Same here. When are you joining? I've been given 30th June as the joining date.

My date is july 20.

Jbano2007 :

Please give ur contact no

Please stop asking for contact information.
We have no idea if you're harvesting info for a scam, promoting a business, or actually being helpful.

Other posters. If a poster is constantly asking for contact details, assume it's a scam until you know otherwise.

ajiasha :

My date is july 20.

Oh.... I was asking for a July joining date but was encouraged to go for the 30th June joining. Had no idea there is a date available in July. Which subject are you from?

Dates from MOE . There is dates in july. 10th and 20.
My subject physics.
My batch mates travelling june 30 and july 10 as well

Is there any one here from 1 May interview received the final contact

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