Appeal Letter Pending

Hi there,

My company submitted an appeal for my pass that was rejected a week ago and my social pass is about to expire in few days.MOM mentioned about Rejection is Salary Low.That's why Company put up My Salary from Instructing From SAT.

May I know That Do you have a chance to approve my pass?
How many times can make appeal??
If Appeal Letter is not sucessful,Can apply New Application Again??

Thank you so Much to all
I am looking forward for answering.

Did you read our previous threads, these questions are addressed many times. I would suggest read through our old threads and understand the process flow. If after gone though, you still have any questions, then you can write here, we would respond.

Make sure one thing that at any cost don’t overstay in Singapore, it will ruin your future chances to work here. Good luck

Thank you so much for your reply.

I read many threads.I don't understand very well.That 's why I ask again. Could you Answer to me or Can you give me link that include my answer?? I request kindly.I am worrying now.

Thank you so muck

I am looking forward your message.

I have remembered we have responded these questions many times, but I should not be searching those old threads and give you, rather you should spend time to read those threads under categories “Visa” and “Work”.

Either your employer or you or both don’t understand what MoM trying to say on salary. You need to understand that in SAT it will give you the eligibility for applying a work pass.

Here, MoM says your salary is lower than the market standard, which means salary should be higher as your experiences go up.

Second part of your questions:

May I know That Do you have a chance to approve my pass?
Ans: MoM will approve based on criteria set up at their end. Read my thread on subject “criteria at MoM...”, is covered most of the possible reasons.

How many times can make appeal??
Ans: Only one time. After then, employer can apply a fresh application. Sometimes, I heard two times but your employer can verify with MoM.

If Appeal Letter is not sucessful,Can apply New Application Again??

Ans: Yes, see my earlier answer. But, without addressing the root cause of rejection, there is no value adding to your appeal or re-applying.

Thank you so much for  your reply kindly.

Hi Ger Gyi, how’s your application is it approved or rejected?as I have the same situation like yours. I’m still waiting for the appeal result


I am still waiting too.It have been just 2week.

Mine is turning 3weeks already. My employer requested for temporary extension of pass for one month

Why Bro??

Because my spass expired already and we’re still waiting for the appeal result so the requested for temporary pass. Hoping for positive result

I hope you will get positive result. Good Luck bro

My pass has been approved!

Me too bro.Thank you so much all.

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