Why some marriages don't work out

There was a post asking why  so many new marriages with Filipino women end up in divorce.

I think  the most common reasons for any relationship to end are: 
1. They didn't get to know each other
2. They have not much in common, or are very different
3. Unfulfilled expectations
4. An affair.

The more reasons, the more likely the relationship will end.

My husband and I have a lot in common. We are both GenXers (4-year age gap), so we grew up liking the same music, movies, tv shows, etc. We got to know each other very well before we decided to get married. We met each other's families. We had the same goals in life, and easily connected with each other both spiritually and intellectually. When I suggested he and I move to the Philippines because my parents can help us and that we could have a better life there, those two things did happen.

I think the only reason I would file for divorce is if he gets involved with another woman.

I'm pretty certain one of his former co-workers has a big crush on him. She even organized a party for his birthday. She still wants to meet up with my husband, inviting former co-workers to join  so it wouldn't be awkward. 

She's pretty and young, but they have not much in common. This loud karaoke-loving girl, who would comment on a movie as "it's great" or "it's good", is just not his equal. We'll see. Maybe just being pretty and young are enough to leave me and other things we have behind.

You are correct about the younger women here flirting. It is so obvious that it is depressing at times. Gladly I recognize it for what it is. I see the desperation to have the quotes nice life and money but I have seen my friends hurt and equally abuse the women. True love conquers all. I do believe that a frank discussion about family and financial begging would help most cross cultural relationships. I just dont give them anything.


true love does conquer all  - this is devously attacked by jelouse people try to distroy '' perfect relationship between man/woman; These outside forces must never corrupt a loving relationship..
and where the money is worked and not waisted on trival item but spent on daily food and when wanted on new clothes and saving small amounts of un spent money will accumulated into large ammount when saved on a weekly basis but used for emergencies - respectfuly


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