Visiting Singapore after entry refusal 7 years ago

I'm planning to visit Singapore in August 2019 for 10 days with my family. I'm Indian citizen but Permanent Resident in USA (Green Card Holder). My spouse is US Citizen so she don't need a visa. I'm waiting for my 10 yr GC extension at this moment. I already have I-797 and extension on my GC for 18 months. In USA, I believe I need to apply at San Francisco VFS location, I do live in DC. What should I do regarding my entry refusal back 7 years ago due to no return ticket. I was traveling ticket that was not confirmed for return. That time an agent suggested this and it did not worked as it never that I know now. Second question is that how long the visa duration will be, should I apply now? Or should I wait and apply near Aug, my travelling period? Please feel free to ask me question for more information.


7yrs back incident, if I believe your statement then it was due to no confirmed return ticket. Potentially, shouldn’t have an issue now, but for confirmation, you can reach out ICA (check previous threads in Visa category, I have shared their email address many times), to get a response from them that you can visit Singapore. Bring that email copy with you.

This time, make sure you must have return ticket and hotel accommodation details or where you need to stay (person’s contact number and house address) in order to avoid any such trouble at immigration checkpoint. 

On your second part of questions, you will get multiple entry visa period, varies from 3 months to 1yr. Once you landed here, will get maximum 30days stay in a single entry, can be extended upto 60 days (additional one month) or 89 days (additional 2 months) but should have strong rationale for extension.

You should apply visa near to your journey date (15 to 20 days before). Good luck

Hello Surya2k,

Thank you for your reply and quick response. I found the information you shared with me very helpful. I will do the same as you have mentioned

You are welcome. Please share your experiences throughout the process which will help others who may be facing similar experiences. Good luck

Hello Surya,
I got reply from ICA and they said that I should declare all the information truthfully, not much helpful reply but generic kind of response.

You should have mentioned in your email about the incident happened at that time without hiding any information. Now, you can respond to them with detailed information and hope they will reply in a better way with more clarity.

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