Finding public schools in Woluwe Saint Lambert

I am moving with my family, husband and two boys (aged 9 and 13), to Brussels to enhance a new professional position.

Is there any public schools in Woluwe Saint Lambert, with some understanding for kids who are beginners in French? They speak good English and  they were excellent pupils so far, so now we are scared of what we can expect.

Is there any schools for them?

I would appreciate any advice.

Kind regards,


Alas, as regularly explained to newcomers, English is not an official Belgian language. So apart from some very expensive private schools giving all the courses in English, you will not find anything.

There are schools that have language immersion programs for some of the courses. This could help despite this, there are courses given only in French or Flemish.

Now the language barrier is much less difficult for a child than for an adult. Trust your children, put them in a conventional school, they will adapt to a speed that will amaze you.

You will have a lot of difficulty learning French / Flemish as they ...

Trust and support them without you stressing the decrease of their results at the beginning.

Dear phipiemar,

Thank you for you kind words.

Sometimes even a parent needs to be remained that indeed, the most important things is just the support and love for your children.

Kind regards,

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