Housemaid failed medical - my experience

This is just an information post.

We recruited a new housemaid through the legal channels i.e. got her an Employment Visa + consulate procedures. She arrived here and within a week we took her for medical test to Al Quoz medical centre. Since we took the 48 hrs service I got an SMS the next morning saying she has to visit Al Muhaisnah for follow up.

Next morning I took her and the doctor (BLock 7 Room 1) asked about her medical history. She honestly told her that when she was 10 her parents took her for Xray because she was slightly sick. The xray showed a faint mark and so she was put on treatment for 6 months.

Doctor told her to come back 3 consecutive days for sputum tests. 3 days in a row driving from DIP to Muhaisnah and back!

5 days later i.e. today the results were not good. Went back to Block 7 Room 1 and the gentleman told me she is unfit due to her past TB history. He also said that she will be getting a lifetime ban for both employment and tourist visas. The latter is a very new policy from the government.

I have to take her to immigration soon for retina scan / black list so I will enquire then about the tourist visa ban.

As per the guy at Muhaisnah medical any person on NEW employment visa with any TB scars will get lifetime ban. There is no way around this even if you do the quantiferon test at private clinics. Only those coming on Family visa can appeal etc.

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