Cebu construction

Hello all
I know this subject has been posted before but I would like any up to date information on reputable builders and costs to build a 3 bedroom bungalow of about  110-120sqm most likely on Mactan.  I have the basic plan but would want a qualified draughtsman to do the plans properly, any recommendations or ideas welcome.
regards  Bruce

Hi go dee  I just finished building my place Ln bourbon  I can give you some information I will be in Cebu the weekend after Easter regards peter

OK Peter, will catch up with you then.  Post a message with time and place.  You could try and reach me on  ( if you can decipher ) 09 19 $466 .42/94.
regards  Bruce

[.   Hi again I will get in touch next Friday when I am in mabolo  and try to phone or text not to good on computers ex special this one it is my daughters regards pete[/b]

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