Relocating with my cat


I am thinking about relocating to India with my cat. I have read in the past that relocating with a pet is not possible unless you have a 2 years visa minimum (I am french, currently living in Cambodia). Is that true ? Anyone has experience on this matter ?

**** the regulations to bring a pet into India is as below :

1. The owner should have stayed abroad continuously for at least two years, preceding the date of entry into India.

2. The total number of short trips to India (If any) preceding the date of entry into India should not exceed 180 days

3. Should be coming to India on Transfer of Residence basis or on a Work Permit

4. The pet can come into India only after 30 days of Rabies and DHLPPi/FRCP vaccination.

5. India does not accept 3 year vaccinations. Pets should be within 1 year validity of the vaccination.

6. Only two pets are allowed per family.

7. If the Pet has to arrive as 'Manifest Cargo', he/she has to arrive within 30 days of the owners landing in India

Hopefully this helps.


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