Questions regarding opportunity in Qingdao

I wanted to ask thoughts on an opportunity to those in Qingdao. I am a bit nervous as I was offered this teaching opportunity and never been to China before. Also it starts in two weeks. I was offered an 8 week teaching opportunity at Shandong University of Science and Technology for a class. They would like me to start teaching on May 6 but my sense is that the start date will have to be delayed because I cannot imagine getting a visa that quickly.

What would taxes be like as I would have Chinese income tax withheld and remitted on behalf for the in-country portion. I would get On-campus furnished apartment including heat, hot water, Wi-Fi and Round-trip transportation to China and all visa related fees.

I had a few questions regarding living in Quindao and tips regarding an American expat coming there:

*Should I get Global Medical Insurance?
*Is it possible to purchase a food plan at SDUST (Which may be easier for food)?
*Is travel within the city easy?
*What is the process for a foreigner to use a bank or access to money?
*Would a VPN be needed to access internet to reach USA?
*Is there help for international personnel for local area information?

I am concerned about banking, cell phone use, internet connection, types of food, and getting around,etc.. Your thoughts?

Let me understand this. You were offered a 2 month long contract to teach in a university. This period will start in two weeks.

You do not have a z-visa. You do not have an expert certificate. You have never been in China before.

You were hired on the internet, and hired based on credentials alone.


Sounds fishy to me.

[1] To work in China you need a z-visa. You should expect at least a few months to process this, as it could take as long as six months in some cases.

[2] To obtain a visa, just an ordinary visitor visa, takes at least a week to obtain.

[3] To get a flight in one weeks time to fly to the job is going to be expensive. You cannot enter China without the visa, and while you can preorder the tickets, you won't be permitted to board unless you have the visa in your passport.

[4] Z-visas are a minimum of one year in duration.

To me it sounds like they are asking you to be "creative" and work under the table. This is risky. All your other questions are valid, but you need not concern yourself with them at this stage of the game. As you should actually question what is going on with the employment offer.

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