Can a MEI company hire a foreign worker?

A friend of mine in Brazil operates a Micro Empreendedor Individual type of company. They are interested to hire me, which would allow me to apply for a work visa.

The first question is, can this type of company even hire a foreigner? There are lots of other questions, but we're trying to find the answer to this one first, before doing the work of making the application.

My friend contacted the ministry of labour, who responded but not with an answer to the question. So, we are trying to figure it out.

You must go to their city’s Municipal Treasury Department and register with the CCM, which stands for Cadastro de Contribuintes Mobiliários, Portuguese for Registry of Brazilian Securities.
The company does get a tax break if you have one. That said I found a few years back it was a hassle and gave up. Ma be difficult to be hired if you do not have MEI and registered.

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