Going for Final exit with unsettled STC bill

Hi guys. I recently resigned from my company and is going for Final exit soon. As i was reading guidelines for final exit, i have read that all dues should be clear, so since i wanted to make sure, i have checked my STC account thru mySTC.com and saw one notificaiton saying that i have unsettled bill amounting to 800+ SR. I was shocked and right away went to a STC center to ask about it. They told me it was a landline internet bill that ran for a few months and was closed. But i said that i have never applied for one and could never as I was working Offshore. They sent a collection complain report and told me that I will get an answer within the next 5 days. But the thing now is I am bound to go for Final exit within the next few days. Will I be held at the airport when i go if this issue doesnt clear out? As anyone in my place, i do not want to pay this amount as I have never even used that service. Please help. Thanks in advance

It depends. In immigration they will see unsettled bill only. If they compain you with the MOI.

Hi Maranthony,

Is it confirmed that immigration will see telecom companies unsettled bill?

No, they will only see that you have pending bills - company is not stated

Thanks Mar. so this means they will hold me from leaving?

It happens and case to case basis. Sometimes an expat can exit on the kingdom but banned to work for 3-5 yrs on GCC.

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