Working for Canadian Petroleum Services CPS - Saudi Arabia

Hi everyone,

I recently had an interview to work for CPS in Saudi. I heard in Saudi teachers leave often due to the working conditions. From what I've read, I understand that it's generally going to suck, and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for that.
Would anyone like to share their experience working for Canadian Petroleum Services CPS? I'm specifically interested in the accommodation and issues people have had with management, but any insight you could provide would be helpful.

This is a warning !!! - if you are thinking of working for CPS Canadian Petroleum Services in Saudi Arabia!!!

First and foremost, it is an Egyptian company. The owner is Egyptian, the manager is Egyptian, and 90% of teachers are Egyptians.

I have worked for CPS for about two months in 2018. I noticed from the start that there had been a significant number of terminations and resignations under the unfit to be a manager (Egyptian of course) in particularly from western instructors. The manager tends to hire lots of Egyptians teachers and  some Egyptians with western passports. The place is really toxic!!!

Also, I noticed, (which is bizarre), that the manager loves teachers who worship him and treat him as a king, through the company whatsApp group. The way how Arab teachers, mainly Egyptians, worship (the unfit to be manager) is absolutely weird and so annoying.   

The accommodation is really like one star or less - horrible place. Plus it's shared and almost likely you end up sharing with an Egyptian.

This was the worse company I worked for by far

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