Your Privacy on Rental Platform Accommodation

Several instances have come to light of people finding cameras inside their rental accommodation,in every single room and live-streaming from the bedrooms,one family who had rented a house so as to attend a wedding fortunately realised something suspicious when the owner asked them to move forward a little whilst they were outside the front door looking for the house keys,they couldnt see any cameras so how were they being watched.On inspection of the house the full horror revealed itself even to the live streaming,they left immediately and booked into a hotel.The rental company were informed and later refunded the monies paid for the house but not the extra paid for the hotel.They dont have this on our platform, they will be struck off for good but when this family looked on line a bit later on there it was again..for rent..same rental company.So we must all research how to detect cameras rental accommodation,arm ourselves with gadgets,apps,anything that indicates to us the presence of cameras.We have sadly opened ourselves to trouble and given a golden opportunity for some to debase our private time and make money out of us.

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