Children integration in a new school in Sri Lanka

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Moving abroad can be particularly hard on children. For any parent planning a move to Sri Lanka, it is of utmost importance to make sure they do everything in their power to make sure their children’s transition is as smooth as possible. Would you be able to give a few tips to parents planning to move to Sri Lanka by answering the following questions on children integration?

What does one need to factor in when choosing a new school for their children in Sri Lanka?

How does one prepare their children for the transition into a new school in Sri Lanka?

How does one help their children integrate into their new school? Any tips to help a child transitioning into a completely different new program or curriculum?

Is there an age period during which a child really should change schools?

What are the signs that a child is having trouble transitioning into their new school?

Tell us how it went for your child in Sri Lanka.

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If you are coming from yet another Asian country or culture there would not be significant differences in the culture and value of schools here in Sri Lanka. For instance as per most Asian cultural values teacher's are highly respected and honored hence it is like an everyday occurrence to see students going down on their knees and then bowing down to show their sheer respect and obedience followed by the teacher placing his or her hand on the head of the child granting blessings. Keep in mind that its not obligatory and if you come from a different culture or country its completely fine not to follow this ritual furthermore neither I nor any of my friends living here have ever been forced to or not even been prompted to perform any such rituals ever. You see it is because Sri Lankans respect diversity being a popular tourist destination the residents are very open minded about other nationalities. 

My family comes from a different ethnicity and religion. I have been schooling my son here in Colombo for the past 5 years starting from his kindergarten days. The transition from home to school was initially heart wrenching since my little one was crying a lot from separation anxiety but fortunately the preschool handled it quite well and they were very flexible to let me stay around for a day or two until my son settled. It did take sometime though since the language barrier thing was there as most of the kids spoke the local Sinhalese language but they got along fine and my son made quite a lot of friends and learned a few Sinhalese words to manage by. Also all the teachers were very cooperative, warm and friendly.

My son is doing splendidly now in an International School in grade 3. Initially in grade 1 my son had a bit of a problem with attention and concentration which we were able to mitigate working along with the teacher. Today he is performing among the top achievers in his class and has a gang of friends including his two buddies who are frequently invited for "play" overs at home.

He is very bonded with his friends my only worry is when we leave Sri Lanka to go back home for good how is he going to take it all?

As your a parent it's very difficult to take a decision. I guess, Because you love your child so much! Just take him and explain him that, you all are going on vacation to spend the time and to study with new friends and explain him it will be a long stay. The time, place will change everything, not to worry evey thing will be alright and it will come back to usual. And we are very glad to hear that, how much you love Srilanka and Good luck for your future life.

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