Children integration in a new school in Saudi Arabia

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Moving abroad can be particularly hard on children. For any parent planning a move to Saudi Arabia, it is of utmost importance to make sure they do everything in their power to make sure their children’s transition is as smooth as possible. Would you be able to give a few tips to parents planning to move to Saudi Arabia by answering the following questions on children integration?

What does one need to factor in when choosing a new school for their children in Saudi Arabia?

How does one prepare their children for the transition into a new school in Saudi Arabia?

How does one help their children integrate into their new school? Any tips to help a child transitioning into a completely different new program or curriculum?

Is there an age period during which a child really should change schools?

What are the signs that a child is having trouble transitioning into their new school?

Tell us how it went for your child in Saudi Arabia.

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I would like to inform you that ....
There are many International Schools in Saudi Arabia...
As well as most the countries are having their own School, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, many more ...and their are many International Schools as well...

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It will have no problem in school integration in Saudi Arabia. If you are an Indian Nationality there is Indian School for you, otherwise there is International Schools you can let your children admit, but it would be expensive to bring your children here , unless if your husband is receiving a good salary.

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To move to Saudi Arabia with children are somehow raised many questions prior to the travel. So here I would put some light on some major points as asked by the questionnaire.

To be very honest, if your childrens are so young like "No school going", it's very good to have them over here [subject to your monthly income as you have to pay for their levy fee]. In case, after paying to the levy fee, you do not have any financial savings even much better rather than you will live without them far away and cannot enjoy their young-hood age !
Second; if your kids needs a school and in the vicinity you have a normal standard school [as the fee structure is a bit lower than others] ; you can enrol them over there. And if your company provides education assistance would be far better in this case. By the way, there is no difference between the good school and normal school especially in Saudi. I suggest, prefere your community school so your kids would not find different atmosphere.
Criticality arise, when you have kids in relatively big classes and after one or two years they would have to move back to your home country for higher studies. It's the time to revise your decision, better not to process their (kids) visas and let them accept this fact. Actually, it's a long debate and think 10 times before moving your elder children to Saudi Arabia.

I have much to write, but have less time as well.

It all depends on your taste. But there are lots of schools to send your children to. Some are pretty expensive, while others are just average. Welcome to KSA

Hi everybody my girls are of adult age and would like to get them into a university how expensive is it to bring them over
What does it cost to rent property in Riyadh
Is it as easy as just calling universities and applying to get them in
Also my older daughter studying Law so she would rather find a job and study online
And suggestions would be great thanks

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