Children integration in a new school in Oman

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Moving abroad can be particularly hard on children. For any parent planning a move to Oman, it is of utmost importance to make sure they do everything in their power to make sure their children’s transition is as smooth as possible. Would you be able to give a few tips to parents planning to move to Oman by answering the following questions on children integration?

What does one need to factor in when choosing a new school for their children in Oman?

How does one prepare their children for the transition into a new school in Oman?

How does one help their children integrate into their new school? Any tips to help a child transitioning into a completely different new program or curriculum?

Is there an age period during which a child really should change schools?

What are the signs that a child is having trouble transitioning into their new school?

Tell us how it went for your child in Oman.

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Hi good morning how are you.Welcome to Oman.For Indian school they will teach CBSE operated by Indian government only.So you know about CBSE education.India and Oman is same only.All the best

Before to join the kindergarten
The parent should allow the child to mingle with other children in surrounding
So it would be easy for the child to adopt in school atmosphere

Making friendship with fellow students will make ease to adopt in new school.

No much ideas on this topic from me.
However, I suggest to select school near to apartment, to avoid the more time in journey

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