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Hi there,

My company submitted an appeal for my pass (new application) that was rejected a week ago and my social pass is about to expire in few days which meant the probability of me needing to exit will be 75/25.

Anyway, if ever I need to enter SG without my IPA - It will be my 5th time to enter SG since Dec 2018 - which, of course, is very questionable and I honestly don't want to take risk on that.

Now my questions are:

Because my appeal is in process and I would like to come back to SG even without my IPA, do you think an official letter from my company will help? I will actually will be working a government institution and I am not sure if that will make a difference?

Thank you so much!

A letter from your employer has no significance for immigration purposes and will thus not help at all.
To avoid problems, contact ICA and get clearance (in writing) before you attempt to visit Singapore another time (without IPA)!

Agreed with Beppi. But, if I will be in your position, I won’t take risk to visit here without any valid reason. Your appeal has no relevance to your visit, so don’t give that as reason. Chances are very likely that you may be questioning at immigration checkpoint and denial of your entry. Better avoid it. Good luck

Note: Govt institution has no additional weight at MoM, your application already got rejected, proved the point.

Thank you for your insights. That's what I thought actually - the letter wont help.

Anyhow, I still have few more days remaining so hopefully things will have a positive outcome.

Having said this, what happens if I got my IPA let's say by Friday but my social will expire on Monday of the following week - can I remain to the country?

You have to leave country.

But, you still can stay back in the above scenario if you visit ICA and seek their approval to extend a week or two.

It can only happen, if you have IPA letter in hand and visit ICA with your IPA letter. Or else ICA won’t entertain. Good luck

I think Surya misunderstood your message:
If you receive your IPA on Friday and your SVP is valid until the following Monday, you need to either visit ICA on that Friday or Monday, or leave the country.

Yes Beppi, in hurry I missed out the point that her visa validity is till Monday following week.

She can still visit on Friday or on Monday to ICA with IPA for seeking visa extension. They will give extension or reject on upfront. So, she should have back up plan to leave Singapore if in case extension was not granted.

Thank you for your responses. I will pm you Surya and Beppi directly if that's okay? I would like to ss the copy of the rejection letter to you. Thanks,

It’s okay, you can direct copy to us. Before that did you read our thread which will give you an idea about the possibilities for reason?

As far as I know the PM systm of this site does not allow picture attachments.
And PM should anyways only be used if the question contains confidential information.
Thus I think it is better you post the relevant phrases of your letter here - IF the question isn't already answered in other discussions!

She had copied the portion of the email and shared with me. Her case was an example of this year’s Budget where Govt wants to reduce the foreign workforce of 5% by 2021 January. I already responded to her.

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