Bank accounts cannot be opened by those who overstay in DR

It has been confirmed by a poster on DR1 that those not legally in the DR can no longer open bank accounts here.  That means if you overstay a tourist card which is valid for 30 days,  you cannot open a new bank account, since after 30 days you are no longer legally in the country.

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As I said before; two different banks told me a gringo must be in the country legally at the time they want to open the account. So the answer to your question is no, they can't open one if they have overstayed their tourist visa.

Here is the link: … ost1945436

Note:  Others have asked why DR Migracion now puts a stamp with a date showing the last date of your valid stay in your passport.  Here is one use for that dated stamp.

This is an interesting update.  I will check with my banks tomorrow as well!

This is correct as when you open an account they copy your last passport date of entry.

You need to open it within the legal period of the 30 days...
is how it seems to read.

If you are 'out of bounds' time wise.... they will turn you away

This has been the case for at least several months. It is standard practice for the bank representative to first look for the last entry stamp on the passport to confirm that you have not overstayed prior to opening the account.

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