What is average monthly salary (pre-tax) in Huizhou?


Could you fill me in on the financial question: what is the average monthly salary in Huizhou (please clarify whether it would be pre- or post-tax)? What should be the income for a family of three?

Any things to bear in mind? We are considering moving to China for work, and your advice would be greatly appreciated!

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The average monthly salary for a local is about 6,000 per person.  So for a family of 2 it would be around 12,000 yuan per month.  However this is not a very good indicator of what you should be aiming for as it will offer a relatively low quality of life and if you can obtain the work visa you are more qualified than the average person.

I'd say you should be at least looking for 30,000 yuan/month to support a family of three unless your wife is also working.  25-30,000 bare minimum.  However it really depends on how qualified you are and what line of work you are doing.  Salaries really vary heavily.  I've seen expats earning as little as 7,000 yuan (very poor) and as much as 250,000 yuan (highly qualified professional).

I would take a look at recruiters on LinkedIn to gauge your market worth.

Hello Matty,
thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question with do many details!! What you say really helps me out a lot.

I will now have a much better idea of what to look for on my job hunt. It is not so easy though to find one or two good job sources, and many posts I have seen are rather low pay.

Will keep looking! many thanks again for your kind reply.

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You might want to check out www.numbeo.com. Depending on the place you’ll be moving to, it should have a lot of information you may find useful.

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